YOLO Colorhouse Retailers

YOLO Colorhouse paints are low odor and zero VOC.

* OR, CA, and CT residents are temporarily unable to order YOLO Colorhouse paint through HomeDepot.com due to recent fees associated with Paintcare. Paintcare is a recycling program that emphasizes reuse, recycling, energy recovery and proper disposal of leftover paint. OR, CA and CT residents can shop in the YOLO Colorhouse Store or on Amazon.com. http://www.paintcare.org

* IT’S COLD OUT THERE! YOLO Colorhouse paints do not contain ethylene glycol (the common ingredient in antifreeze). If you place paint orders online in the winter months,your paint can FREEZE if left outside for long periods of time, which makes it unusable. If possible, please try to schedule delivery of your order to prevent freezing.