86 out of 100, from 10 reviews

Great advice!

I received great advice which took my theme and tastes into consideration. I now feel more confident to apply the ombre technique I was thinking of and discovered that Colorhouse has the best selection of paint colors! Thank you!

Great customer service

Hi, I had an issue with one white paint color on my wall looking a bit different than the small chip I chose it from. Still not quite sure what had happened. I emailed customer service and after couple of emails back and forth they decided to send me a replacement paint that would be custom colored to my preference. It arrived at my door step few days later which was a lot faster than I had gotten the original paint through a third party vendor. I don't know if it is common practice with them, but to me it shows how great the company is considering most of the ordering happens online; and it was no hassle from my part.I have used several of their products (different neutral and white colors) and they were true to the chips I had. They also were easy to apply and rolled on smoothly. I used eggshell and flat finishes and they both worked a lot better than some other "green" alternatives I tested on a piece of primed drywall. They don't smell and they dry in reasonable amount of time. Coverage after primer and two coats of Colorhouse paint was very good on new drywall with no photographing. Thanks.

paint i trust

I've used several shades of interior paint and the primer too. I used the bright orange first in my kids' room and it was perfect! So bright, cheerful, and rich. I used a chocolatey brown for our kitchen and a green shade for our living/dining room. I've had no issues with the application, coverage, or durability so far. Best of all, besides the wonderful colors, is the very low odor when applying and no odor when dried.

Love receiving your emails, and love your paint.

I am an artist and really appreciate your color palette, and the beautiful texture of your paint.

Quality Paint Company

I love everything about Colorhouse. They make a fine quality product that is safe and beautiful. As an artist myself, I love their color palette. As a mom, I love that my daughters aren't exposed to toxic paint fumes.


All our answers to all your questions.

Where can I buy Colorhouse paint?

Find a retail location near you, or you can order online.

What sheens does Colorhouse have and where do I use them?

Inspired Flat: Wipeable, high hiding matte finish. Ideal for uneven surfaces maximizing color on ceilings and wall surfaces. Not recommended for high traffic areas. Available in Quarts, Gallons, and Fives.

Inspired Eggshell: Excellent durability, stain resistance, and moisture resistance. Recommended for all wall and room types including kitchen and baths. Ideal for high traffic areas. Available in Quarts, Gallons, and Fives.

Inspired Semi-Gloss: Ideal for trim and doors. Available in Quarts, Gallons and Fives. Not recommended for floors, furniture or cabinets.

Do you have a primer?

Yes. Colorhouse Inspired Multi-Purpose primer is a stain-blocking primer that can be used on unpainted drywall, raw wood, cured masonry or concrete, aluminum, galvanized metal, and glossy surfaces previously painted with water-based or oil-based paint.  Use as a transitional primer when painting a lighter color over a darker color. As a stain blocker, some stains may require two coats.

How can I sample your colors?

We have multiple ways you can sample our colors:

Colorspot samples: 8 oz of real Colorhouse Inspired paint, in our eggshell finish.  Paint out a sample on your wall or a piece of poster board and see how our paint and colors work for you.  Unlike other paint samples that are low quality, contractor grade and test for color only, our Colorspot samples let you see, smell, and experience our actual product that you get when you order our paint.

Order 5 FREE 5”x5” Color Chips here

Order a Fan Deck of all of Colorhouse 128 interior hues here

What makes your paint environmentally-friendly?

Colorhouse products have third party recognition for environmental, health and performance  attributes.

Green Wise Gold certification
LEED Compliant
Master Painter’s Institute (MPI) X-Green Certified
SCAQMD Super Compliant

Colorhouse is proud of what is not in our paint:

NO toxic fumes/HAPs-free
No reproductive toxins
No chemical solvents

Paint for the People and the Planet: Our Green Promise



Recycled content containers 100% PCW chlorine-free labels 100% PCW brochures


LEED® Gold manufacturing facility Member EPA SmartWay transportation Renewable energy at HQ


LEED® compliant
Green Wise® Gold certified

South Coast Air Quality Management District – Super Compliant

MPI Extreme Green certified

What is a VOC? Why are they bad? Why choose a Zero VOC paint?

VOC is short for volatile organic compound. In plain terms, these are chemical liquids that evaporate at room temperature, and have measurable negative effects on human health.   Examples of these include solvents used in low VOC or traditional paints (such as ethylene glycol and paint thinner/turpentine). The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has identified paints to be a major contributor to VOCs inside our homes and in the environment. Walls and ceilings are roughly 70% of your interior. For more information on indoor air quality go to www.epa.gov/iaq

What makes Colorhouse different from other low or zero VOC paints?

Colorhouse paints are formulated with you and the environment in mind.  We restrict over a 1000 chemical compounds.  Our products have no VOCs, No Reproductive toxins/HAPs-free, and No chemical solvents or other stinky stuff!

Why were VOCs added to paints in the first place? Why aren’t VOCs in Colorhouse paint?

Traditional resins/binders (the stuff that sticks to the wall and binds the pigment) required chemical solvents to form a film as the paint dried. Colorhouse is utilizing state of the art technology that does not require chemical solvents in the paint formulating process. The only solvent that we have in our paint is water. Colorhouse worked with environmental experts and academics to perfect our formula to have a low impact on human health and the environment.

What is LEED? Does Colorhouse paint qualify for LEED Green Building points?

LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED is a rating system developed by the US Green Building Council system that measures how ‘green’ a building/remodel/new construction is. For more specific information on LEED go to www.usgbc.org/leed/

Colorhouse products are LEED Compliant.

Why do you put mildewcide in Colorhouse paint?

Mold and mildew contribute to poor indoor air quality, as well as deteriorating paint color and performance. Essential in exterior paint and preferred in interior paint, our mildewcide has been designated by the FDA and is generally recognized as safe. This material is also used as an ingredient in personal care products.

Does Colorhouse paint work for chemically sensitive people?

While our paints are zero VOC and low odor, for chemically-sensitive customers we recommend consulting a licensed physician and testing our product before using. All chemical sensitivities are unique and affect individuals differently. Our paint is not a natural paint, it is an acrylic product made with chemical compounds. It is our customers’ responsibility to determine if they are sensitive to our formulation. Please note that Colorhouse is not liable for any product reimbursement due to chemically sensitive scenarios.

What does “No Toxic Fumes” mean?

No toxic fumes means that Colorhouse paints do not contain any hazardous air pollutants.  These toxic chemicals are pollutants that can cause serious health effects and have adverse impact on our environment.

Is Colorhouse a natural paint?

Colorhouse is not a natural paint. It is a water- based 100% acrylic paint with zero VOCs.

Is Colorhouse tested on animals/animal ingredients?

We do NOT test any of our products on animals and they do not contain animal ingredients.  However, raw materials suppliers are required by law to determine the potential toxicity of chemical substances. Unfortunately, as a result, some of the raw materials used in making paint have been tested on animals. There is no latex-based paint product available on the market where the components are not tested on animals prior to the manufacturing process.

What ingredients are in Colorhouse?

The primary ingredients in Colorhouse paint are: water, acrylic polymer, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, amorphous silica, and limestone (ingredient amounts vary from base to base).

How do I store or dispose of my leftover paint?

Keep from Freezing!  Store at room temperature, in a cool, dark place.   Check www.earth911.org for recycling and disposal information in your area.  If you’re in Portland, OR we are a PaintCare Recycling Center.  Bring your leftover paint to our facility for recycling – 519 NE Hancock #B, Portland, OR 97212.

Does Colorhouse seal in VOCs?

No, Colorhouse paint is designed to be a breathable surface.  It is not designed to seal in VOCs. A healthy wall is a wall that air flows through.

Is Colorhouse primer a stain-blocking primer?

YES! Colorhouse Multi-Purpose primer is a stain blocking primer. Some stains may require 2 coats.  Allow primer to dry for 24 hours before painting when using as a stain blocker.

I am pregnant — can I paint?

Our paints are zero VOC and are absent of the common icky chemicals and toxic fumes found in conventional paints, such as mutagens, hazardous air pollutants, ozone depleting compounds, formaldehyde and phthalates.   Our paints are a healthier option for the home, but if you have specific health concerns we always recommend speaking with your doctor.

Can I paint with Colorhouse on the following surfaces: drywall, wood, concrete, furniture, floors, cabinetry and metal?

Colorhouse products can be used on a variety of properly prepared and primed surfaces. Our Multi-Purpose primer is stain-blocking with great adhesion for glossy surfaces and can be used to prime new drywall (wallboard), new wood, concrete (cured masonry), plaster and spackled areas, aluminum and galvanized metal.  For new wallboard, thoroughly vacuum fine dust from walls. Colorhouse is not intended for use on furniture, floors or cabinetry.

Does the color add VOCs?

There are various types of colorant systems available, some are zero VOC and some have VOCs. All Colorhouse retailers, including our online retailers, use zero VOC colorants to tint our paint.

Can another company’s colors be mixed in Colorhouse?

Yes, Colorhouse can match most other paint brand’s colors. See your local retailer for details.

Does Colorhouse offer color-choosing help?

Yes, we offer Free Color Help online here.  Our Color Nerds are standing by to help you find that perfect color for your home!