83 out of 100, from 10 reviews

Love receiving your emails, and love your paint.

I am an artist and really appreciate your color palette, and the beautiful texture of your paint.

Quality Paint Company

I love everything about Colorhouse. They make a fine quality product that is safe and beautiful. As an artist myself, I love their color palette. As a mom, I love that my daughters aren't exposed to toxic paint fumes.

I am highly drawn to Colorhouse, their palette, their stance for our planet and their easy communication style.

First, I love the new branding and website for Colorhouse. The website is clean, inviting, fresh and easy to navigate with short, clear copy. Their 128 color palette is a gorgeous and comprehensive collection without being overwhelming. I'm particularly drawn to the chameleon-like neutrals, the awesome lights and whites but also the glorious more vibrant hued colors for accent walls and pieces.

This Paint Doesn't Stink

So far, I've painted two rooms with Colorhouse and two with another "low" VOC national brand. The two rooms painted with the other brand will be repainted with Colorhouse because I honestly love the velvety texture of CH eggshell over any other paint brand. One coat of Colorhouse covers, two coats get into the nooks and crannies of the orange peel texture on our walls. Clean up is easy, a little hot water, a touch of soap and it's done. The smell is mild, more like an afterthought, and the colors are rich and have a depth you don't get with other paints. My biggest issue with Colorhouse? Choosing a color. Besides the regular palettes, then the seasonal palettes, if you go to the right Colorhouse dealer they can color match almost any other color. So when I hit the Paint Bar at EcoHouse in Berkeley, I feel like a little kid with a pocketful of change in a candy store. No worries, the right dealer will have no VOC tints to give you the perfect color.

No Exterior and Website Challenging to Navigate

The website doesn't clearly show what colors are available; it is complicated and limiting. I did end up speaking to a representative and learned that colors can be custom mixed, but that's a lot easier doing in person than it is cross country. I also needed biodegradable and organic exterior paint, and this company does not provide that. I finally found someone who does, but I would have thought that it would be within the mission for this company.

We’re proud of what’s NOT in our paint:

Colorhouse NO list

HAPs is short for Hazardous Air Pollutants. These toxic chemicals are pollutants that can cause serious health effects and have adverse impact on our environment.

Reproductive toxins are chemicals that can damage reproductive function in both women and men, as well as cause harm to a developing fetus.

VOC is short for “volatile organic compounds”. VOCs are the “stinky stuff” in paint that is emitted as vapor when paint is drying. VOCs can be harmful to human health and the environment.

A solvent is a liquid that can dissolve another substance. In paint, it’s the ingredient that allows you to spread it on the wall. Instead of chemical solvents, we use water as the solvent in our paint.

Colorhouse stands for premium, environmentally responsible paint products with beautiful, simplified color palettes.

This paint completely walks its talk! There was no smell when applying it...Thank you for making such a wonderful and safe product...I can't say enough good things about this product!! :)
– Sahara Damore, amazon.com –

Inspired: Interior Paint

Colorhouse Inspired interior paints are low-odor, have superior coverage and durability, and are 100% acrylic. Our paints are available in 3 sheens: Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss.  Colorhouse paints contain NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NO toxic fumes/HAPs-free, NO reproductive toxins, and NO chemical solvents. For more information on application and ingredients, view Colorhouse PDS.

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Inspired Paint
Dry Time

Dry Time

Dry to touch in 30-60 minutes; recoat after 2-4 hours.



Covers 350-400 square feet per gallon.

Clean Up

Clean Up

Wash tools with warm soapy water. Scrape excess paint before washing.



Store in a dry area. Protect from freezing.

I bought this paint due to the fact that it is a true zero VOC paint and didn't have any of the other toxins found in almost all paint. I expected to have to trade a bit of performance for a healthier paint. I couldn't have been more wrong! The paint had excellent coverage and was easy to work with. I've used countless brands of conventional paint and this out performed them all.

– JJ, amazon.com –
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Colorhouse Primer

Colorhouse Inspired Multi-Purpose Primer has excellent hide and adhesion.  Our Primer is designed for many surfaces like new wallboard, raw wood, cured masonry and galvanized metal.  For more application info click here.

Colorhouse Multi-Purpose Primer contains NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NO toxic fumes/HAPSs-free, NO reproductive toxins, and NO chemical solvents.

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Fan Decks ($49.95)

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Chalkboard Paint

Colorhouse Chalkboard paint turns any interior surface into a chalkboard! We encourage you to write on your walls with our durable chalkboard finish. Like all Colorhouse paint, there are NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NO toxic fumes/HAPSs-free, NO reproductive toxins, and NO chemical solvents. Available in 10 striking Colorhouse hues. For more information: View Colorhouse Chalkboard PDS

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