Trend Colors – Urban Farmer Palette

Trend Colors

Urban Farmer Palette Palette

Rich, earthy, and saturated colors are on the rise. Farmers’ markets are thriving. We are growing our own food, we are planting gardens, we are cooking at home, we are pickling, canning, and freezing so we can eat from our gardens throughout the year. Not to be confused with the jewel tones of the 80′s, these deep colors share the same value and intensity. Dig in and get your hands dirty. The rich and earthy brown, NOURISH .05, is a grounding color and beautiful contrast to THRIVE .03, as you have seen in your garden. Add the vibrant beet purple of PETAL .07 and luscious, earthy CLAY .04 and you’ve got a warm and inviting space to spend with family and friends to share the bounty.