The Color of Hope

The Color of Hope

Click on small color rectangle to see full screen of color.
Click on more than one color to view color combinations.
NOTE: Web colors are approximation of actual paint colors.

Please Note: Computer video simulations are only approximate dry paint colors. Please refer to YOLO Colorhouse® samples for a correct match. The actual color will vary depending on the product, gloss level, application method, film variance, substrate, and light source.

Colors are displayed using EMITTED light to display RGB monitor color space. The company’s actual colors are viewed with REFLECTED light.

For best performance, it is recommended that you view this screen in True Color (24 or 32 bit) and at 1024×768 pixels (computer permitting)

We cannot accept returns on tinted paint. If you would like to preview an EXACT color, please order Poster-size Samples or Family Cards. Thank you.