As a kid my favorite color was yellow and my favorite number was six, only because yellow has six letters.  I was smitten with the sunny hue and it was evident when you walked into my childhood bedroom.

As an adult I am still drawn to yellows or “the golden hues.”  I have ventured further from the true yellows into tones that have strong yellow undertones.

Working with color over the years, I have learned that yellow is the most challenging color for people.  It  can become unruly (and neon) quite quickly as it begins to reflect on itself and grow in the space.

In the Earth’s Color Collection, we worked to design golden yellows that go from buttery yellow for a kitchen to deep Tuscan ochre.  Below is the GRAIN family and some of the thoughts we had as we designed these hues.  I have also added a couple of the colors in architectural photos for you to see how they appear in a room.

GRAIN .01 notes: Soft, buttery morning light.  Good transition color, a happy hue.  Not too yellow, not too peachy, not too pale.

Here is a great example of how Grain .01 can fill a space with a feeling of soft morning light.  They used Grain .01 as the overall hue and then bring in other warm tones in accent colors and in the wood used throughout.

GRAIN .02 notes: A neutral golden, with four walls reflecting, this color gives a warm candle-glow feeling.  Good for open spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, sunrooms, and living rooms.

GRAIN .03 notes: A rich GRAIN, harmonizes nicely with the CLAY family, good overall base in a larger space.  Great for entryways, living rooms, and great rooms.  Creates a warm gathering spot.  Good ceiling color to harmonize with CLAY and LEAF colors.

GRAIN .04 notes: This color envelopes, it is a great base color accented with CLAYs or go more airy with WATER colors.  Rich and unctuous, it looks like a neutral, on four walls it’s definitely a GRAIN and it will not go green from reflective light.

GRAIN .05 notes: GRAIN with a pop, but not too gold, it stays neutral and won’t go green if you have a lot of reflective light coming in from outside.  Rich, slightly bold, welcoming, comforting, warm without getting dark.

This is my living room and I love this color because of the warmth that it gives this room even on the grayest of days in Portland, Oregon.

GRAIN .06 notes: The richest of the GRAINs.  This color makes a statement and can work as an accent layered with other GRAINs.  Beautiful in an entry, an office, small powder room, or a niche.

GRAIN .07 notes: The tangiest of the GRAINs with a hint of green, like an autumn squash.  This bold hue creates drama and warms the space without getting too dark.