Collaboration is one of our core values at YOLO Colorhouse. We LOVE working with like-minded companies that also want to Make the World More Colorful and Less Volatile! Windfall Lumber, based in Tumwater, WA, is one such company. They have a passion for sustainability and enhancing people’s lives by the beauty of their product.

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During the summer of 2013, we got an email from the Product Designer at Windfall Lumber, Roussa Cassel, with the subject line “Our products, your paint.” Roussa described a new product they wanted to develop using reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood and YOLO Colorhouse paint. The intent was to create a line of colored wall cladding with the lowest VOC they could muster. Since she had used our products on her own projects, it seemed natural to consider our Zero VOC paint for this endeavor. They wanted a select palette of about a dozen hues. We were intrigued.

A rendering to propose the idea Windfall Lumber envisioned.

A rendering to propose the idea Windfall Lumber envisioned.

After many questions about the end use of the product, the application method, the wood, and the look they were trying to achieve, we collectively decided to move forward with testing. It was important to let the natural beauty of the wood come through the color.

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Roussa and her team approached the application of the color like a stain, thinning the paint so that it wouldn’t be too opaque and hide the characteristics of the wood.

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The wood they use consists of reclaimed timbers from schools, warehouses, and granary storage bins as well as a wide variety of FSC hardwoods grown in the Pacific NW.


They soon discovered that not every paint color looks good over the various types of wood. The combination of the natural wood color and the transparent paint creates a new, unique color.

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With a bit of trial and error, lots of testing, and many quarts later, Windfall Lumber narrowed down their color choices and asked to meet with us for help pulling it all together.

Roussa said, “One of the reasons we were attracted to YOLO Colorhouse is because they understand that color selection and a curated line is more important than an endless number of options. They helped us put together colors that look beautiful alone, together, or combined with our natural wood cladding.”

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The result: a stunning 12 color palette of wood wall covering designed for commercial, residential, hospitality, retail and other settings. Windfall Color Cladding adds warmth and character to large and small spaces and is being used by sustainable designers, architects and builders – and appreciated by color lovers everywhere.

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