Since half of the country is covered in snow, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the virtues of White, or as we call it at YOLO Colorhouse, IMAGINE.  The 6 IMAGINE hues that we designed for our Color of Hope palette, are whiter and brighter whites than the warm and colorful whites of our Earth’s Color Collection.

• IMAGINE – A palette of crisp, clean whites, reflecting the endless possibilities of our imagination and a blank canvas on which we can create our own stories

There are such subtleties in whites, that at first glance, they may all look the same; but slight shifts can make a world of difference in the way a space looks and feels. We paired down the multitude of possibilities to 6 essential whites. These are our notes from when we designed these whites – what we were thinking and why we thought these few whites were the ones to include.

IMAGINE .01 – A museum white, absent of color. The whitest and brightest of all of our whites, a super-white. This one does not lean toward any color or temperature.

IMAGINE .02 – Slightly warm with more depth than IMAGINE .01. A clean, bright white without being too cold. Nice for trim and ceilings, especially in contemporary spaces and trimming out cooler colors.

IMAGINE .03 – A neutral white with slightly green undertones. This clean and simple hue works well with other colors in our palette. Good for highlighting architectural detail.

IMAGINE .04 – Our answer to linen white. This is a versatile and crisp, yet warmish white that compliments any color. Quite possibly the “perfect” white.

IMAGINE .05 – Architect white – simple, yet complex. With the slightly cool, grey undertones, this color compliments other materials such as stone, concrete, metal and wood.

IMAGINE .06 – Elegant,  like white china. This antique white has slight brownish undertones that create warm, comfortable surroundings. It feels like the blank canvas of an ancient Master Painter, waiting for color to surround it.