I am a Pisces, born on the cusp of Aquarius – ALL water, so it seems natural that I would want to surround myself with blue.  But since I was young I have been drawn to the warmer shades, the CLAYs, the LEAFs and the GRAINs.  I have never really been drawn to blue, unless you count the blue jeans I live in.  That is until I started working with WATER .02!

WATER .02 is a complex color, it moves subtly with changing light.  It is a warm blue that hints at green, and sometimes even hints at brown.  Over and over again, we hear from people who live with WATER .02 say how “alive it is and at the same time how tranquil it is.”  It has been described as a “spa color.” It is a color that re-energizes and offers calm.

Here it is in our old studio, where I first fell for it.  You see it hints at green in this photo.

paint studio

We recently painted our guestroom WATER .02 – it is the perfect color for a more traditional bedroom, a contemporary living room, a powder room, or even a modern kitchen.  As the backdrop to warm dark wood or a chocolate brown couch, it makes the furniture the star that invites you in.


Not only do we have our guestroom painted WATER .02, we painted our bathroom ceiling WATER .02 to accompany the STONE .02 walls and the limestone tile in the shower.


Just when we thought there was nowhere else to use this color in our house, we decided to paint a third bedroom (on the lower level) this color.  OK, I can’t get enough of WATER .02!

I am surprised to say this, but I think WATER .02 is my favorite YOLO Colorhouse color! (at least for now) What is your favorite YOLO Colorhouse color?