Last weekend we had friends in town who hadn’t visited Portland before, this is always a good opportunity for a trip to Timberline Lodge. (something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in or around Portland)  Timberline sits 6000 feet up on Mount Hood at timberline.  It is one of the most inspiring places for me, both because of where it sits and because of the story that it tells.  Timberline was a WPA Project  (Works Progress Administration) during the Great Depression. Hundreds of unemployed people were put to work building the structure, weaving the curtains and rugs, quilting the bedspreads, carving the furniture, forging the metal work and painting the art.  The value of this place seems even more meaningful today, as we have been surrounded by high unemployment. The art of the building itself and the simplicity of the handcrafted furnishings are truly worth seeing – it is a spectacular representation of the human spirit!

Timberline Lodge Timberline Lodge Timberline Lodge Timberline LodgeTimberline Lodge