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Ginnie and I have loved Rejuvenation ever since we moved to Portland back in 1993. When we bought our 1888 Victorian farmhouse, we headed to Rejuvenation for hinges, doorknobs, historic light fixtures, and cool vintage stuff.


And when we launched our company in 2005, Rejuvenation was certainly a business that we admired for it’s commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship and quality.

Today Rejuvenation is so much more, offering everything for the home – towels, bath accessories, furniture, along with beautiful handcrafted lighting and hardware. It is a beloved Portland company and we are so excited about creating an exclusive color palette to represent this iconic brand. We have designed a curated palette, exclusively for Rejuvenation.

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We combed through past Rejuvenation catalogs, examined their furniture, took their bath towels into the Color Shed and went to work mixing colors with the intention for the palette to be both classic and contemporary, like Rejuvenation products.

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Targeting colors for the Mercantile palette

Targeting colors for the Mercantile palette

After several months of collaborating with Rejuvenation’s creative team, edits here, tweaks there, we landed on 36 hues that represent the Rejuvenation brand, The Mercantile Color Collection.

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The name of the collection came to us easily – Rejuvenation stores feel like community gathering spaces with quality products for the home – it feels much like a modern-day general store. The color names represent bulk items that you might find in a mercantile.

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When we designed the CHALK colors/whites, we focused on designing whites that range in color –starting with a white-white, but then also designing a blue-white, a green-white, and whites on the warmer side – when you are painting with one of the DENIMs –like DENIM .05 – you might use CHALK .05 that has blue undertones, for the trim.

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The TEA hues were really inspired by the color work Rejuvenation had done in their towel collection that they recently launched. We also all knew we wanted to have an elegant espresso like color – TEA .05

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The SEED hues are cleaner cooler greens – there are also some real classic greens like SEED .04 and .05.

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Again the denim blues are clearer blues and leaning on the cooler side. We have also included some classics: Navy – DENIM .06 and more of a classic Colonial blue – DENIM .04.

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The FLINT family may be the anchor of this collection – These cool neutrals are very on trend and are designed to be paired with all the colors in the collection.

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SPICE – the hot colors, A few years ago, these colors were everywhere, currently we are seeing these used mostly as accents. In this collection we have combined the golden tones, burnt oranges and a perfect red into one family – SPICE.

You can see all the colors in architectural spaces and order paint on the Mercantile Color Collection website –

We are painting our old Victorian house with some of the colors from this collection and will be posting it here – stayed tuned!