The Color Shed is a garage-converted-studio on which we tested YOLO’s exterior colors.   We designed, mixed and tweaked 36 colors that we thought worked best for exteriors in this little shed, and then to make sure it looked good in full sunlight as well as shade, we painted swatches of the color on the outside.  We created harmonizing colors so that the body, trim and accent colors all worked well together.  This is how the Color Shed came to be.

Since the creation of YOLO Colorhouse’s Outside palette, the Color Shed has been the venue of YOLO’s holiday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and oh yeah, the original reason for remodeling the dilapidated garage, my painting studio.

I wanted to share some photos of our recent Thanksgiving, and show how with a little TLC, paint, and lots of candles – any space can become a cozy and extraordinary atmosphere that is worthy of holding good friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner.