When I was in high school, living in Minneapolis, I spent a lot of time wandering through the galleries of the Walker Art Museum.  I was totally committed to white. I imagined my future house to be completely white, with the only color coming from the artwork that would adorn the walls.


Today the thought of white walls really scares me – I can’t picture myself living in a home surrounded by white – especially during our wet, cold winters in Portland. But when I see white in a space, I admire the openness and clean-lined designs it creates. When it is paired with natural wood and objects, I really think it is beautiful to look at- I just don’t know if I could live and thrive in a white space.

Here are a few white spaces that I find really inspiring. They are the kind of spaces that make me want to try white… I love the way it looks, but could I live with it?

I love this IMAGINE .03 bedroom with the collection of black and white photos.  The crisp white walls let the focus be all about  the collection – no distractions.

Another white bedroom – so peaceful, waking up here seems like your mind could be nothing but clear.  The texture of the wood walls and painted white floors  gives this IMAGINE .01 bedroom an interest and  warmth.


This kitchen seems to be all about utility and function.  A color other than white might seem too fussy. (although I do think a hot color on the ceiling could give it a lot of energy! – maybe CREATE .05)


I LOVE this AIR .05 bathroom!!!  This blue-white is an amazing backdrop for this beach collection – I wish this was my bathroom.

This AIR .02 kitchen is beautiful. The warm wood floors and the few natural objects, along with the warm white looks like a place I could cook.

OK – maybe I could live with white.  How do you feel about white?   I would love to hear if you live with white and how you think it works.