Thai mural2 The Color of Thailand

Ginnie and I just returned from a 2 week sensory extravaganza called Thailand!  It didn’t take long to notice there were 3 themes that dominated, at least for us – Food, Culture, and of course, Color.  We’re going to split our blogs into those 3 themes, starting with Color.

thailand street The Color of Thailand

We started our journey in Bangkok, which is everything I thought it would be, and more.  It was exciting and visually stimulating – lots of people, lots of motorbikes and tuk tuks, lots of markets and food carts, lots of color, pattern, textures – a bit of a sensory overload, but we were up for that.

Slow Life sign The Color of Thailand

We stayed at a place called Phranakorn Nornlen, and it was a calm, laid back reprieve from the bustling streets of the city.  Their sign says it all.

Phranakorn lobby2 The Color of Thailand

It’s an artistic and colorful guest house with painted murals, beaded fan pulls and fabric wrapped hangers.  The attention to detail was delightful with surprises in nooks and crannies throughout the space.

fan beads5 The Color of Thailandcolorful hangers4 The Color of Thailand

Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple and the home of the Reclining Buddah. Architectural mounds called Chedis are placed around the temple and are an incredible show of color  encrusted with glazed tiles and colorful glass.

Reclining Buddha Full The Color of Thailand decorative chetis The Color of Thailand

Young monks can be found walking around the temple grounds in their beautiful saffron robes which add such a richness to the visual experience.

young monks The Color of Thailand

Next stop was Chiang Mai, about 360 miles north of Bangkok.  Chiang Mai is all about the food!   The oldest part of Chiang Mai is within ruins of a wall and a moat, this is where we hung out and sampled as many food carts as possible. We’ll talk more on food, and Chiang Mai, next week.

food carts The Color of Thailand

After Chiang Mai we headed south to the islands in the Andaman Sea.  We had heard that Phuket was touristy and built up, so we went the other way towards Krabi.  It was a good call, and the beaches and islands were absolutely gorgeous!

longboat sashes1 The Color of Thailand longboat on Ko Ha The Color of Thailand

colorful shells rocks The Color of Thailand
Inland, the islands are tropical jungles with all kinds of beautiful flowers,
tropical flowers The Color of Thailand

and on the beach of Ko Lanta, lots of colorful beach restaurants and bars.
colorful beach bar The Color of Thailand
Long tail boats are the way to get around from island to island, and they are beautiful in themselves.  Many of them are painted in bright colors, and most have a colorful sash tied around the bowsprit for good luck, and sometimes, a comb.

longboat with comb The Color of Thailand longboat sash The Color of Thailand

For the color enthusiast, Thailand is a real visual feast!  We totally recommend going, and once you get there it’s very inexpensive, which enabled us to stay a while.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the food enthusiast in you!