Football is really not my thing and never has been, so it surprised most people who know me that I was completely captivated by the Oregon Ducks this season.  I have to say, not only has the game never interested me, but the colors of sports teams in general are really quite terrible.

Thanks to the folks at Nike, the Ducks looked incredible, in spite of the narrow loss to  Auburn in last night’s championship game.  The Duck colors are traditionally close to Aspire .06 and Thrive .06, but the designers at Nike have migrated to a palette that is nothing but elegant and fitting for this unconventional football team we here in Oregon like to “quack” about.

The uniform the ducks wore for the championship was grounded by Stone .07 in the britches and helmets.  It always makes me happy to see a grounding color used to set off the color surprise.  The electric yellow/green accent (very “color current”) was perfectly placed on the Ducks feet emphasizing the speed for which they are revered.

In the photo above,  you can see our mighty Duck in action and notice the crisp design of the uniform next to the tumbling, traditional threads of the Auburn Tigers.

Wow, I never thought I would think about football this much.  To the Ducks!