One thing that helps me endure these long, rainy winter months, is dreaming about and planning my garden.  Recently, a friend, and fellow gardener, turned me onto The Hudson Valley Seed Library.  They collect heirloom seeds from the Hudson Valley region of New York.  They know the growers of their seeds, which ensures no pesticides or genetically modification going on.


The Hudson Valley Seed Library strives to do two things:

To create an accessible and affordable source of regionally-adapted seeds that is maintained by a community of caring farmers and gardeners; and,

To create gift-quality seed packs featuring works designed by New York artists in order to celebrate the beauty of heirloom gardening.


Look how awesome these seed packets are, and how beautifully they go with the YOLO Colorhouse palette.  Featuring artwork designed by New York artists, they unfold in a flower-like fashion, revealing an inner pack of seeds. They are printed using green inks on sturdy recycled and FSC-certified paper stock.