The inspiration for the fall trend colors – The Pickle palette – came from looking at the beautiful colors we jar up every year at our annual pickling party.  Last year we packed about 120 jars.  The colors are accentuated by the liquid brine and seem to be even more magnified by the glass from the jars.  It is truly one of my favorite “color events!”

Living in Portland, it is really easy to find 10 or so people who will come over and pickle with you, especially if you start out with bloody marys garnished with last seasons pickles.

We usually begin the day at a local farm to pick veggies.  Carrots, beans, beets and of coarse gherkins are on the list.  Our recipe makes refrigerator pickles that stay really crisp. We add extra mustard, a little extra garlic and 1 or 2 extra red peppers to make them even more spicy for the bloody marys.

It is always a full day – dawn to dusk, with everyone busy doing different tasks from washing the veggies, making the brine, peeling garlic, and stuffing the jars with color!  Lot’s of dancing, singing and eating a potluck lunch happen in between jobs.  Such a fun way to spend time with friends and everyone leaves with 12 jars of colorful bounty!

The Leaf .04 in the pickle palette is a familiar trend color that has had great staying-power and the burnt orange, CLAY .02, is another color we have become quite comfortable with over the last couple years, paired with the cooler WATER .02 this palette is designed to represent the garden and canning craze that is happening in our neighborhoods and our communities!

Here’s our pickle recipe.  Enjoy!