The days are getting longer, the rain is being gentler, and the air is feeling warmer – that means Spring is around the corner! No surprise – this is an easy time of year for us to feel inspired and we are back in the studio working on our Spring 2013 Color Trend palette.

When we sit down to create a new palette, we look at a lot of stuff. In fact, we are ALWAYS looking at the world around us – that’s what inspires us! We pay attention to new products, what’s trending in fashion when we visit our fave boutiques, we keep our eyes peeled for cool window displays that have interesting color combinations, we attend inspiring art exhibitions, and even check out passing bus ads as we are walking down the street. Anything and everything that has good design grabs our attention, and we consider the colors used. On a recent trip to NYC, Ginnie and I snapped some shots of items whose colors seem to be making their way into our Spring palette!

Besides looking at visual cues when developing color trends, we also consider the emotional effect color has on all of us. The season of Spring is filled with cheer and renewed energy. Colors that reflect feelings of confidence and a desire to go bold are showing up all around us. Here are some examples of what we are seeing on one of our favorite spots to be inspired – Pinterest!

We are looking forward to the release of our Spring 2013 palette the week of February 25th! In case you forgot, here’s a reminder of what 2012 looked like. You may see some similarities in 2013, but without giving too much away – THINK BRIGHT and BOLD!