Above, Anyieth D’wol, founder of The ROOTS Project of South Sudan before the ROOTS center is built.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” -Jonas Salk

It is always inspiring to hear stories of people who have a vision and actually make it a reality.

The ROOTS Project of South Sudan is one of those stories.  Anyieth D’wol is the founder of the ROOTS Project and I had the honor of meeting her when she was getting started a couple years ago.  She talked about interviewing women in her native country for her job with the United Nations and her frustrations not being able to implement simple ideas that could help them become more independent.

Today The ROOTS Project Center is located in Juba, the new capital of The Republic of South Sudan

Anyieth, who is a member of the Dinka tribe and a lawyer in Juba founded The ROOTS Project, a non-profit, in September of 2010.  The Project is focused on making traditional crafts and bringing literacy to the women of South Sudan. The crafts are sold, enabling many of the young women to take their first steps towards economic independence.

This past weekend we hosted a party for the ROOTS Project, where our friends could see and purchase the jewelry made by the women from the center.  It was so inspiring to touch and feel what just a couple years ago had been a dream.  And it was an honor to be able to have our friends help support the project with their donations and purchases.

Below is a traditional beaded corset displayed on our lamp for the party.

It was a holiday party everyone could feel good about – people could shop for gifts and at the same time give to an organization where 100% of the proceeds go to the women who come to the center.

Seeing the ROOTS project come to life and being able to participate in our own community was both hopeful and something to celebrate!

Below are some of the women from the project with Anyieth D’wol