by Puji Sherer of YOLO Colorhouse

In Cabo San Lucas, outside the hustle of tourists, smell of carnitas, and long lines of tequila bars, there is a place where the color and craft of Mexico come alive. Across busy highways and down deserted, sandy streets, you will find La Fabrica de Vidrio Soplado – the Glass Factory.



Walking through the colorful gates of the factory, stained glass murals tell the story of the Mexican tradition of glass blowing. The first hand-blown glass in North America was made in Mexico, the medium brought to the region by the Spaniards in the 1500s.


Outside, visual delight abounds! Color bounces off dangling glass orbs that adorn the trees along the exterior of the factory. Ahhhh…la belleza está en todas partes!




Inside, rows of colorful glasses, pitchers, and vases reflect the light of the Baja sun. Recycled glass bottles of all shades – green, white, brown – are melted down and re-formed into unique pieces. Against a backdrop of glowing kilns, artisans work together to create functional objects that bring the beauty of the handmade into the everyday.



Experience the Color of Cabo – visit La Fabrica de Vidrio Soplado!

The Glass Factory, Vitrofusion y Arte (La Fabrica de Vidrio Soplado)
Lazaro Cardenas S/N
Edificio Posada Local 6-A
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Office: (624) 143-0120
Factory (La Fabrica): (624) 143-0255