I know we’ve talked a lot about the recent Caribbean sailing trip, but I would be extremely remiss if I didn’t mention one of the most striking uses of color – the local’s boats. The charming owners of these showy skiffs are known as “boat boys” and their personalities are as colorful as their boats.

The boat boys sell everything from the days catch to fresh baked chocolate croissants. Our skipper called ahead to his favorite vendor, Walter, to order banana bread for breakfast. The next morning a piping hot loaf arrived on “Free Spirit” straight from Walter’s wife’s oven.

We were in the middle of the Tobago Cays, surrounded by reefs and uninhabited islands, yet we were able to get anything.  These creative entrepreneurs saw a need and created a small business around the need.  Some guys have ice and water, some have fresh bread, some sell beads and t-shirts. You can special order things like beer, croissants, fruit, lobster – you name it. They are so polite and friendly, not pushy sales guys – at all- they just motor by, you wave them down, it’s as simple as that.

We got fresh dorado from Nicolas, he even cleaned it for us.