Ahhhh…Summer. It’s finally time to relax on the porch with a fresh fruit beverage in hand, feel the warm breeze blow by and spend time with family and friends at backyard BBQs. With our face to the sun, we soak up the sun’s rays and think of ways to capture the sunshine and bring it indoors to enjoy all year round. Embrace your sunny style and enliven your interior space with the combination of yellow, orange and turquoise. Summer 2014 is all about brights…bring virbrant hues into your home with paint colors that pack a little punch!

sunny beeswax04 Sunny Style BEESWAX.04 blog Sunny Style

Yellow can bring a sunny feel to a room like no other hue. BEESWAX .04 is a yummy yellow with a hint of green, like an Anjou pear. Use it to add a little zest in bedrooms, kitchens and family rooms.

sunny imagine02 Sunny Style imagine.02 blog Sunny Style

Light and bright, IMAGINE .02 is a warm white that makes a perfect backdrop for colorful pops of our Sunny Style hues used in furnishings and accessories.

sunny water01 Sunny Style water.01 blog Sunny Style

You can almost feel the cool breeze coming through the window. Take the temperature down with WATER .01, a cool hue that is clean and relaxing. Use this hue for a spa-like feel in bedrooms, baths, or as an unexpected color for a casual dining room.

sunny aspire04 Sunny Style aspire.04 blog Sunny Style

Charming like a country bed and breakfast, get this look with ASPIRE .04. A golden yellow like late afternoon sun, this welcoming hue works great in an entry, living room, sitting room or any space you want to add a little warmth and sunshine.

sunny bisque01 Sunny Style BISQUE.01 blog Sunny Style

We heart this fridge! Let this conversation piece speak for itself. With our whitest white – BISQUE .01 behind the scenes, nothing will distract from this fab retro inspired piece of functional beauty. Smeg appliances take center stage in the heart of the home, where people congregate.

sunny dream04 Sunny Style dream.04 blog Sunny Style

DREAM .04 is retro and modern, like a piece of beach glass. Soothing and cool, this blue-green hue can be used in bedrooms, baths, and kitchens.

sunny petal01 Sunny Style petal.01 blog Sunny Style

The use of complementary colors adds punch to any space. The high contrast of turquoise blue paired with the vibrant orange of PETAL .01 is energetic, visually stimulating and FUN!

How will you embrace your own Sunny Style this summer?

Photos: All photos can be found on our Sunny Style Pinterest board.