From the aqua shades of the Caribbean Sea, to the clear blue skies and the spectrum in between, our Summer Color Trends palette is inspired by sailing life and the remote places it can take you. The Aqua Fusion palette pays homage to global style; as the world becomes smaller through technology and easy travel, the trend to explore color and pattern from far away lands is inspiring us to be more daring in our spaces.

Aqua fusion 3 Aqua fusion

A recent adventure took us down to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. More commonly known as the West Indies, this small country is made up of islands in the southern Caribbean. The trade winds make for excellent sailing, and the leeward side of the islands have calm bays (perfect for anchoring), and beautiful, sandy beaches.

Aqua fusion 6 Aqua fusion 4

The visual frame from sun-up to sun-down is made up of blues and greens from the sky and sea. Bright pinks pop off these hues and create welcoming hot accents that your eye craves and lingers on.

Aqua fusion 5 Aqua fusion 7

Create your own Caribbean retreat with DREAM .05 and THRIVE .04 and one of our blues like WATER .01, use PETAL .04 sparingly as an accent and AIR .05 as a harmonizing white. Careful, you may find yourself humming reggae tunes and hankering rum punch!

Aqua fusion 2