Having a dog gets me out of the house and taking walks in the winter when I might otherwise stay inside by the fire reading or embarking on another house project.  At first glance, the grassy rolling hills where we take our border collie, Sadie, looks harsh and prickly.  It’s cold and wet, and we just sit in the car for a moment with an over-excited dog, secretly wishing she were a cat. But once we get over it and get out there, there’s always a new discovery along the trail.  Each season brings different colors and shapes in nature.  The brilliance of the red in these rose hips and winter berries is accentuated by the monotone browns that the winter frost creates.


So when you’re feeling like you need to get out, but it’s cold and damp outside, think of the little jewels out there just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.  No doubt, summer rules, but winter has it’s quiet little beauties, you just have to get out there and find them.