Purple is making a big splash! PANTONEĀ® has announced 18-3224 Radiant Orchid- “a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple”- as the color of the year for 2014. It may be easier to imagine incorporating this royal and dramatic hue into clothing, make up, and home decor items like pillows and rugs rather than all over your walls as a fresh coat of paint. Before you say NO to purple walls, let us introduce you to 6 distinct YOLO Colorhouse purples that we designed specifically to play nice inside. These violet tones don’t overwhelm; instead, they bring an edgy and artistic coloristic surprise to your home. Check out the colors below — pretty sure they’ll make you say “Purple please.”

Inspired by the earthiness of lavender fields, AIR .07 is a beautiful hue for both urban living rooms and sweet spaces. Use in kid’s room for a light and airy feeling.

purple please air07 - blog

As yummy as the scent of spring lilacs, use SPROUT .07 in a nursery for peaceful and pleasant dreaming. Or use in a living room as an unexpected surprise.

purple please sprout07 - blog

WOOL .04 is the sky just before day break. It is elegant in a dining room when layered with antique silver pieces or set this color off with black and white tile in a powder room.

purple please wool04 - blog

WOOD .05 is magnificent and powerful — a stormy sky just before it breaks open. Use in a laid-back in a bedroom with loose-weave cotton sheets and colorful textiles.

purple please wood05 - blog

Rich and saturated like the inside of a beet, PETAL .07 is funky, flashy and fun for libraries or try it in a sleeping nook where you want to have sweet dreams of far away lands.

purple please petal07 - blog

The color of passion, CREATE .06 is a deep and daring hue that takes a serious tone when used in a study or den.

purple please create06 - blog

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