The last time Ginnie and I went up to Seattle, we went exploring in the Ballard neighborhood to see what was new.   Our first stop was one of our favorite shops called Souvenir, where they always have handmade, one-of-a-kind creations. This time, they featured an amazing paper sculptor named Patty Grazini.

These 2 ft. figures looked like they came right off the pages of a Victorian storybook… literally.   The characters were fashioned out of printed pages of antique books, onionskins, parchment, cardboard, metallic gift wrapping – all kinds of paper that had been collected, saved and lovingly re-used.

The material was delicately hand-folded, precisely cut, layered and tucked, it’s the way I imagine a costume designer might work.

The costumes are primarily monochromatic and neutral in color.  I think the beauty and interest of these exquisite pieces, comes from the various textures, layers and pattern of the paper, and of course, the amazing craftsmanship and unfettered imagination.

We found this work truly inspiring, I hope you do too.