Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Color Trends 2013 – Rustic Modern

In the present with ties to the past. Worn materials bring a story to our crisp, contemporary living spaces. The warm whites of AIR .01 and AIR .03 complement but don’t compete with reclaimed barn wood walls, a farmhouse kitchen sink, or repurposed ceramic tiles. Bring subdued color to this natural palette with the richness of NOURISH .05 and coolness of WATER .02.

AIR .01 is a solid, warm white. Versatile and good-natured, AIR .01 is a go-to ceiling and trim hue, but has no problem taking center stage on walls, especially when paired with lived-in materials like reclaimed wood.

AIR .03 feels like white, but has more depth than the standard untinted white. When using natural materials like stone and wood, sometimes a hue with more substance is needed to create harmony and flow in an interior.

WATER .02 is a neutral and livable blue. Soothing and calm, this “cool” color adds visual relief when put next to warm reds and oranges in exposed wood. Perfect for kitchens and baths, this color puts you at ease.

NOURISH .05 is an earthy but elegant hue. Use it to create subdued drama with a natural feel. A nice break from white in a Rustic Modern home, try this color in a bedroom or den where you just want to relax.

**Photos via Pinterest**

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Color Trends 2013 – Metro Palette

Life on the fast track – from technology to trains – we are moving forward. With the sun setting on our commute, we watch bright yellows deepen into sophisticated golden hues. Capture the warmth with GRAIN .06 and combine with gray hues STONE .07, STONE .04, IMAGINE .06 for an urban feel, whether or not you make your home amongst the skyscrapers.

STONE .07 adds sophistication to interior spaces. Hands down, it’s the coolest gray around. Use it anywhere you want to up the formality, like living and dining rooms.

STONE .04 lends a quiet, simple elegance to interiors. Layer this neutral tone with more vibrant hues, like yellows and punchy greens, for a colorful effect that won’t go over the top.

IMAGINE .06 – a bit warmer than the standard white, this color can play the part of serious, but has a more casual feel that makes you want to paint every room with it. Bring in grays and yellows in furniture and textiles to complete your Metro look.

GRAIN .06 makes a statement. A true yellow by nature, it sometimes flirts with being an orange. Use it to create a focal point in a room – around a fireplace, on a door, or heck – paint the whole room!

**Photos via Pinterest**

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Color Trends 2013 – Scout Palette

Make home your base camp with our 2013 Scout palette. We heart camping. There’s nothing like sleeping out under the stars, breathing in the fresh mountain air and being one with nature. Create “the look” of a campsite in your home with plaid wool blankets, hand-softened leather, and metal lanterns combined with the colors of CLAY .05, STONE .02, LEAF .05, and WATER .06.

CLAY .05 is the perfect, classic red – reminiscent of camping lanterns and enamel dinnerware. Layer CLAY .05 with complimentary plaid patterns to create your cabin in the woods.

LEAF .05 – nothing says the Great Outdoors like the color khaki. As comfortable as a worn-in army cot, LEAF .05 it the perfect backdrop hue against your wood stove.

STONE .02 is the grounding neutral in the Scout Palette. Not to mention our quintessential “easy-to-live” with hue. Use this color in accents like Pendelton throws or native-inspired rugs to complete your “Scout” look.

WATER .06 is as refreshing as a dip in a mountain lake. Use this blue to add a cool sophistication to rustic space. Harmonizes beautifully with natural wood.

**Photos via Pinterest**

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Monday, October 1st, 2012

Think Pink.

**CONTEST! Win a quart of YOLO Colorhouse paint in the YOLO color of your choice! Details below.**

Pink is a unique and special hue. It is rare that one color can create so many disparate looks and evoke such different feelings when used in architecture- from soft and feminine to bold and international.

At YOLO Colorhouse, we have 4 distinct pinks – SPROUT .06, PETAL .04, CLAY .07, and PETAL .03.  In the images below,  see how each of these variations on pink can be used to create unique and individual interiors.

For more pink inspiration, check out our Think Pink. board on Pinterest.

**CONTEST!** Comment with the words THINK PINK below to send a $1 donation (up to $100) to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a non-profit that empowers women affected by the disease to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. Tuesday, October 2nd we will choose a random winner to receive 1 quart of YOLO Colorhouse paint in the YOLO color of your choice.

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Color Trends: Farmer’s Market Palette

During this summer season when our gardens and local farmer’s markets are jam-packed with ripe fruits and veggies, kitchens become the focal point of our homes where we joyfully prepare fresh food for family and friends.

The YOLO Colorhouse Farmer’s Market Color Trend palette honors the farmers, the soil and the bounty of what is on our tables. STONE .06 is the warm soil, while CLAY .05 is reminiscent of the reds of apples, tomatoes and summer berries. LEAF .02 is the neutral green that is ever-present in the harvest and AIR .03 is the balance of light in this comforting palette.

As shown in the 4 colorways below, this harmonious combination can be used many ways to create a modern farmhouse kitchen. With our Farmer’s Market Big Chip 4-pack, you can try out these hues out in your own kitchen!

Go for a pop of color and put CLAY .05 on cabinetry! LEAF .02 and AIR . 03 on the walls and ceilings contain this coloristic surprise and prevent it from being overwhelming.

With the rich red hue CLAY .05 on the walls, this kitchen becomes a warm gathering space for summer meals.

Frame tile and appliances with a darker hue like STONE .06 on cabinetry.

For a neutral, sophisticated look, stick with the softness of AIR .03 and LEAF .02 for large surfaces like cabinets and ceilings. Create depth with STONE .06 on the walls.

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Friday, August 31st, 2012

The Color of Glass

This summer, I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at the Seattle Center. Dale Chihuly is one of America’s premier glass artists and hails from Tacoma, WA.

I went to the exhibit on the urging of my mom – a former florist and jewelry designer – from whom I got my passion for all things COLORFUL! I have only seen Chihuly’s work in Las Vegas hotels where the scale and saturated color of his sculptures make sense, but I was unsure of how they would translate outdoors in a garden setting.

WOW! Viewing Chihuly’s glass pieces in nature was like seeing the brightest flower blossoms you can imagine, or swimming in the most fantastic underwater coral garden, or immersing yourself in a forest’s flaming fall foliage.

Ablaze with natural light, the intensity of color is captured in the medium of glass – it simply glows like no other application of color I have seen. Color Nerds – you don’t want to miss this! Next time you are in Seattle, get there! www.chihulygardenandglass.com

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Fall Color Trends 2012:
‘New Nostalgia’

Instagram photos are everywhere! What exactly IS it about taking a new photo and making it look like it’s from a different time that is so appealing? For me, it’s the feeling of nostalgia that comes from looking at an old photo, a longing for a simpler time.

I grew up in a small Texas town in the 1970s where Sunday afternoons seemed to last forever. With the sun so hot, there was little to do except hang out inside and listen to the radio. Laying on gold shag carpeting, I would tap out the beats to every Fleetwood Mac song that came through those transistor speakers.

Fleetwood Mac

Part of what makes an Instagram photo look aged is the overall yellowish glow that that affects all of the hues in the photo. The blues take on a greenish tint while the oranges and browns are pumped up in saturation and intensity.



I used this harmonious color combination — blue/green, intense orange, rich brown, and warm golden hues — as the inspiration for the YOLO Colorhouse Fall Color trend palette. Surround yourself with the comfort colors NOURISH .05, CREATE .03, WATER .01, GRAIN .05. Nostalagic and at the same time so current.

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Monday, August 13th, 2012

The Color (and Sound) of Pickathon

Recently, on a farm outside of Portland, OR, there was a weekend full of music, camping, and color … lots of it!

An annual event for the last 14 years, Pickathon is a continuous three-day music festival with 50 bands playing on 6 stages in barns, forests and fields throughout 80 acres of Pendarvis Farm. While our bodies fought triple digit heat during the day, our senses were on overload from the amazing sounds that came from each stage. Seeking shelter from the rays, we swayed to the music under beautiful shade sails whose colors came alive against the brilliant blue sky.

Jammed packed with bands from London to Portland, this year’s lineup was unbelievable! These musicians were at the top of my list:

Neko Case
Heartless Bastards
Blitzen Trapper
Y La Bamba
Lake Street Dive
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Neko Case on the Woods Stage

Heartless Bastards on the Galaxy Barn Stage

In addition to the beauty of the farm and the incredible band lineup, Pickathon is becoming a leader in sustainability for music festivals through a host of green initiatives. They have eliminated single use dishware and utensils, and with the help of Klean Kanteen removed all plastic water bottles and cups for sale from vendors during the festival. They have put an alternative transportation plan in place that includes local mass transit and shuttle system from EcoShuttle, bike routes and secure bike parking, and carpool matching. Other initiatives include renewable energy uses like solar-charging stations for cell phones and extensive composting and recycling.

Click for more information on Pickathon… See you next year!

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Friday, July 27th, 2012

Monochromatic COLOR!

Recently we did a blog post on Monochromatic White and gave some pointers about how to design an all-white room that is visually interesting and doesn’t fall flat. As a refresher, a monochromatic color palette is comprised of colors from the same hue, with variation in shade, tint, and value.

The same rules apply when creating a monochromatic room decked out in one bright and BOLD hue – like red, orange, or purple! By varying the lightness and darkness of the primary color and bringing in analogous colors, your space will appear connected and intentional, but not boring! For example – let’s say your favorite color is green. By incorporating lime greens, kelly greens, and even blue-greens, you can create depth and dimension all under the one hue!

Despite the challenges, it is possible to create harmonious, beautiful rooms built around a monochromatic color scheme — in all colors of the rainbow. Check out the collection of monochromatic spaces below and see how these designers vary texture, value, and color (ever so slightly) to create rooms designed around one color that work!

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Summer COLOR! 3-Day Sale July 20-22

Join our Color Community!

Summer is in full bloom! Inspiring color combinations are everywhere — bring that beauty inside with a new paint palette!

This weekend, July 20-22, you can buy 3 gallons of YOLO Colorhouse paint and get 1 gallon FREE with mail-in rebate!

Shop for YOLO Colorhouse paints here and simply download this rebate and send it back to us with your receipt and UPC codes.

At YOLO Colorhouse we are proud of what’s NOT in our paint: NO carcinogens, NO mutagens, NO hazardous air pollutants, NO ozone depleting compounds, NO formaldehyde, NO phthalates, NO volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and NO BAD COLORS!

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