Friday, January 31st, 2014

Purple Please.

Purple is making a big splash! PANTONE® has announced 18-3224 Radiant Orchid- “a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple”- as the color of the year for 2014. It may be easier to imagine incorporating this royal and dramatic hue into clothing, make up, and home decor items like pillows and rugs rather than all over your walls as a fresh coat of paint. Before you say NO to purple walls, let us introduce you to 6 distinct YOLO Colorhouse purples that we designed specifically to play nice inside. These violet tones don’t overwhelm; instead, they bring an edgy and artistic coloristic surprise to your home. Check out the colors below — pretty sure they’ll make you say “Purple please.”

Inspired by the earthiness of lavender fields, AIR .07 is a beautiful hue for both urban living rooms and sweet spaces. Use in kid’s room for a light and airy feeling.

purple please air07 - blog

As yummy as the scent of spring lilacs, use SPROUT .07 in a nursery for peaceful and pleasant dreaming. Or use in a living room as an unexpected surprise.

purple please sprout07 - blog

WOOL .04 is the sky just before day break. It is elegant in a dining room when layered with antique silver pieces or set this color off with black and white tile in a powder room.

purple please wool04 - blog

WOOD .05 is magnificent and powerful — a stormy sky just before it breaks open. Use in a laid-back in a bedroom with loose-weave cotton sheets and colorful textiles.

purple please wood05 - blog

Rich and saturated like the inside of a beet, PETAL .07 is funky, flashy and fun for libraries or try it in a sleeping nook where you want to have sweet dreams of far away lands.

purple please petal07 - blog

The color of passion, CREATE .06 is a deep and daring hue that takes a serious tone when used in a study or den.

purple please create06 - blog

Need more purple inspiration? Check out our Purple Please. Pinterest board!

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Friday, January 24th, 2014

Hushed Hues

As we transition from the intensity of winter, we welcome the gentleness of colors that whisper. Hushed hues create soft-spoken interiors that feel open and light.

Absent of color, the bright white of BISQUE .01 is our purest and cleanest color, the perfect backdrop for handmade ceramics, oil paintings, or brightly colored textiles.

hushed hues - entry blog

Considered a white, but with hints of blue and green, BISQUE .04 is a quiet color perfect for farmhouse bedrooms or vintage bathrooms.

hushed hues - bedroom2 blog

Take the chill out of modern design with the warmth of AIR .02. With a titch of ochre, this linen white complements light birch and handmade tile.

hushed hues - kitchen blog

METAL .03- a powdery grey- keeps this combination delicate and removes the sweetness associated with most pastel pairings.

hushed hues - living room blog

Slather the softness of BISQUE .06 in any space where you want to let out a deep breath and relax. A little bit blue, a little bit grey, a little bit green, this color looks easy, but is very complex.

hushed hues - bedroom blog

Want to see more ways to use Hushed Hues in your home? Check out our Pinterest board!

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Friday, November 15th, 2013

The Beauty of WOOD — The Joinery

Our newest WOOD family of mahogany reds and teak-tinged oranges was inspired by material of America’s woodworkers and furniture makers.

YOLO Colorhouse WOOD Family Handcrafter Color Collection

Founded in 1982 by woodworker Marc Gaudin in the SE Woodstock neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, The Joinery creates beautiful, functional furniture with an environmental story. From modern designs to classics pieces, The Joinery handcrafts custom furniture for every room of your home – bedroom to dining room.

The Whitman Bedroom Collection from The Joinery

The Whitman Bedroom Collection from The Joinery and Bedding from The Whole Nine Yards

The Celilo Collection in Dark Walnut from The Joinery

The Celilo Collection in Dark Walnut from The Joinery

The Metro Sofa with Eastern Walnut Base and Live Edge tables from The Joinery

The Metro Sofa with Eastern Walnut Base and Live Edge tables from The Joinery

Staying true to the tradition of the made-by-hand techniques of woodworking, The Joinery’s woodshop relies primarily on proven joinery techniques such as the spline, dovetail, and mortise & tenon to build their furniture. Using sustainably harvested wood has always been a priority for The Joinery, and in recent years have been purchasing more locally harvested Walnut, Madrone, and Maple than ever before. In an effort to continue to reduce their carbon footprint, solar panels have been installed to generate energy for the woodshop and when there is an excess of energy, wind power credits are purchased. The Joinery’s shop also includes a large dust collection system that turns all sawdust into briquettes for use in home fireplaces or outdoor firepits. See the video:

Enter to win a Walnut Live Edge Bread Board from The Joinery in our Handcrafter Kitchen Contest (value $1,500)!

The Joinery and YOLO Colorhouse

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Friday, November 8th, 2013

HIP+HOT: Industrial Interiors from Rejuvenation

Our newest METAL family of cool neutrals was inspired by the craftsmanship of blacksmiths and metalworkers.

The Handcrafter Color Collection - Metal Family

Rejuvenation began in 1977 as an architectural salvage shop in Portland, Oregon. When founder Jim Kelly couldn’t find the period fixtures he needed for his own remodel, he began crafting historical reproductions of the items he needed. From this point on, Rejuvenation has combined architectural salvage with the manufacturing of handcrafted period house parts.

Rejuvenation Lighting

Rejuvenation has many lightning fixtures that create an industrial feel in interiors. One of our favorites is The Hood, first spotted by Rejuvenation’s designers in a 1908 Western Electric Catalog archive . The net around the glass globe is made of woven wire originally used to prevent the broken from falling onto workers’ heads in rough-and-tumble factory settings. This was an inexpensive safety feature a hundred years ago that creates the perfect industrial look today.

Rejuvenation Hood Palette

One of the most utilitarian of all materials, metal gives off a hard-working, lived-in vibe when used in interiors. Be it lighting, furniture, or cabinetry, the incorporation of metal objects is at the heart of the industrial design look.

Rejuvenation McCoy Palette

For more industrial inspiration, check out Rejuvenation’s Pinterest board.

And don’t forget to enter to win a Handcrafter Kitchen which includes a $500 gift certificate for Rejuvenation!

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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Tufenkian – Artisan Carpets

In celebration of our new Handcrafter Color Collection, we have partnered with companies that specialize in the making of handcrafted items for the home. Our WOOL color family honors the work of weavers and knitters. Tufenkian Carpets preserves the traditional craft of Tibetan rug-making through the handwork of skilled craftspeople in Nepal and Armenia.

Tufenkian’s process begins with wool from Tibetan sheep raised in the Himalayan and Caucasus mountains. Tibetan sheep produce wool considered the finest in the world for rug-making. In order to protect the fibers of the wool, Tufenkian washes their wool gently in local rivers and streams without the use of harsh chemicals. Separated by natural variations in color, Tibetan wool is then brushed (a technique called carding) to get it ready for spinning.

Once dyed, skilled craftspeople weave rugs from full-size patterns into specific Tufenkian designs. Usually four to five craftspeople work on one 9’ x 12’ rug that is made from up to 1.5 million knots. To complete one Tufenkian rug of this size can take 3,000 hours of human labor!

As part of our Handcrafter Kitchen Contest, you can win a 2×3 handcrafted rug from Tufenkian Carpets. Bring the Handmade into your everyday and enter to win!

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Esque Studio- Contemporary Glass

Old into new. These Bud Vasers are made from recycled beer bottles by heating and reforming.

In celebration of our new Handcrafter Color Collection, we have partnered with companies that specialize in the making of handcrafted items for the home. Our GLASS color family honors the tradition of glassblowing in America. Esque Studio puts a modern twist on this traditional craft, by incorporating a strong focus on design when creating their pieces.

Esque Studio is a 15 year collaboration between founders Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. After meeting at a public glass studio in Brooklyn, they realized they shared the same vision: to create modern, functional, and concept-based glassware. Since then they have been trend-setters in glass, breaking the rules and pushing boundaries around traditional glass-blowing.

Esque Studio puts a sculptural spin on everyday objects, like paperweights, terrariums, and carafes.

As part of our Handcrafter Kitchen Contest, you can win a custom Pitcher + Cup set from Esque Studio. Bring the Handmade into your everyday and enter to win!

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Bee Local- Artisan Neighborhood Honey

In celebration of our new Handcrafter Color Collection, we have partnered with companies that specialize in the making of handcrafted items for the home. Our BEESWAX color family honors the tradition of beekeeping in America. The craft of beekeeping is exemplified by BeeLocal a producer of small batch, neighborhood honey.

Portland, Oregon based Bee Local is the only honey producer to offer terroir-based honey varieties. Like wine, BeeLocal honey bears a sense of place. With hives placed throughout the city, unique micro-batch offerings have complex flavor profiles that reflect the forage available in specific neighborhoods.

As part of our Handcrafter Kitchen Contest, you can win 3 jars of BeeLocal honey from various Portland neighborhoods. Bring the Handmade into your everyday and enter to win! link

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Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Heath Ceramics – Handcrafted Tableware and Tile

Heath’s newest Winter Seasonal Collection

In celebration of our new Handcrafter Color Collection, we have partnered with companies that specialize in the making of handcrafted items for the home. Our BISQUE color family honors the tradition of ceramics in America. A natural choice for this color family is Heath Ceramics, one of few remaining mid-century American potteries.

Heath Ceramics was founded by potter Edith Heath in 1948 and over sixty years later, still makes product in small runs in their original Sausalito, California factory. Highly skilled craftspeople produce quality, durable pieces that stay true to Edith Heath’s original designs and vision, including using the same clay and many of the original glaze colors.

Heathware on a cart in the Sausalito factory. Photo: Aya Brackett

Heath Ceramics has recently expanded their production to San Francisco where their new tile factory is open and producing beautiful, handcrafted tile. A mural in the factory artfully traces Heath’s history, depicting in pictures the growth of the company.   Factory tours are available in Sausalito where you can see firsthand Heath’s commitment to manufacturing in America.

Timeline mural in the viewing court of Heath's San Francisco Tile Factory. The factory was painted with our zero VOC paint and Heath and YOLO Colorhouse collaborated on the custom colors for this mural.

As part of our Handcrafter Kitchen Contest, you can win a large serving bowl in linen glaze from Heath Ceramics. Bring the Handmade into your everyday and enter to win!

See all the BISQUE colors on Pinterest.

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Monday, September 30th, 2013

Artist-Crafted Color

YOLO Colorhouse Co-Founders, Virginia Young (YO) and Janie Lowe (LO)

When we set out to create new colors, we think in terms of putting groups of colors together to tell a story. We started YOLO Colorhouse with The Earth’s Color Collection – 49 hues inspired by nature. Warm backdrops for living, these harmonious colors all connect through golden undertones, with color names that evoke the beauty of the earth, like CLAY, WATER, and GRAIN.

A few years later, we added The Color of Hope Collection. Different from the Earth’s Color Collection, these 36 colors are brighter and bolder hues. Pure whites and saturated hues make these contemporary colors perfect for accents walls and coloristic surprises. With names like IMAGINE, DREAM, and THRIVE, this palette was designed to energize the human spirit.

Our SPROUT Collection is a teeny tiny group of 7 colors designed for life’s newcomers. Fresh and playful, these colors are still soft enough for sleeping.

We have been back in the studio, working on our newest color collection. Inspired by our community and the culture that resides within, we see a conglomerate of crafters and makers. We may have a skewed view living in Portlandia, but there is a pretty big population of trendsetting creatives here that cannot be ignored. Our neighbors are raising their own chickens, making their own beer, pickling their garden vegetables, raising bees, knitting, sewing, building. There is a movement of rediscovery of artisans of the past and an appreciation of the quality of handcrafted items.

Our newest collection of 36 colors – The Handcrafter Color Collection – captures the spirit of makers’ and their craft. We have designed colors around the materials and products of handcrafters in color families like BEESWAX, WOOL, and METAL. This palette has subtle, gray undertones that have a modern feel while connecting us with the past. Yellows lean green, greens tilt blue, and steel-colored neutrals ground the palette.

See where we create our colors and weave their stories in our Color Shed studio in Portland, Oregon:

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Friday, August 16th, 2013

A Home Made in America – 2013 Street of Dreams

Relaxed elegance sums up the feeling of The American Dream home, part of this year’s Street of Dreams in West Linn, Oregon. Constructed and furnished with materials Made in America, YOLO Colorhouse is proud to have been chosen as the paint product of choice for this project. YOLO Colorhouse paints are manufactured in the first LEED Gold paint manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

For the majority of the home, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design chose YOLO Colorhouse hues that are easy backdrops for living, creating smooth transitions from room to room. Colors from our NOURISH, IMAGINE and AIR families are perfect for homes with open floor plans, like the American Dream home.

This soothing neutral palette was also laced with few hidden coloristic surprises! The unexpected use of THRIVE .05 on the cabinetry in the family room adds a jolt of vibrancy to this subdued, rustic space.

Just off the living room, the serene cool of WATER .05 peeks out from the powder room. This hue envelopes the small space, harmonizing with the dark wood of the cabinetry and floors.

Kid’s rooms always sing with color! The dusty lavender of AIR .07 makes this space sweet with a touch of sophistication.

The American dream home is open for touring through August 25th. Don’t miss your chance to see this home in person!

Photo credits: Blackstone Edge Studios

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