How is it that fall is my favorite season, yet this time of year always fills me with melancholy?  As I was putting away the pillows from our outdoor patio before the impending Portland rains, I realized, I most likely won’t be putting these pillows back out until next summer.  It made me really, really appreciate the time that we get to live outdoors in our outside rooms and how important it is to create these spaces around your home.

I am always searching for ideas for outdoor spaces, and I love finding photos of what others have done to create outdoor rooms.  Here are a few of my favorite outdoor spaces, it really helps during those cold, winter nights to peruse these and start planning for when the sun comes back out and we can begin living outside again.

If you have any photos to share of your outdoor space, or one you think is cool, please send here to the blog, or to our facebook page.  Happy Fall!