Last week we had the privilege of living on a boat!  It was a good reminder for me of how much easier life is with less stuff!  I should qualify by saying we were on vacation, so of course life was easier, but there is nothing like the efficiency of boat-living that reminds you how little you need and how satisfying it is to be so close to the natural world.

I packed all my stuff for a 10 day vacation in a tiny backpack, less than I have ever taken, even on a backpacking trip!  The small galley kitchen was supplied only with the bare necessities to create a feast with the local bounty.   And the water… oh the water… that beautiful mix of Dream .04 and Dream .05 was both our recreation ground and our bathing spa.


We ate local, fish from local fishermen- lots of conch (every which way), lobster bbq on the beach and the fruit and veggies in season.  The process of “hunting and gathering” from local fishermen and local fruit stands made the meal ever more satisfying after meeting the people who grew the food or caught the fish.

Our bathing ritual was about jumping into the clear blue water and showering on the back of the boat to get “clean enough.”

Life on the boat was all about the process of living and enjoying that process, it left behind “the getting things done, in order to get more things done” and focused on the NOW of whatever it was we were doing.

I am trying to figure out how to incorporate this simplicity of less stuff and more living into my everyday.  Any ideas?