Have you ever been to LACMA? Los Angeles County Museum of Art is one of the most impressive contemporary museums I have been to and has moved to my top 5 favorite museums of all time. First of all, it is where I found an extremely successful use of PETAL .05- a cobalt blue found in Colorhouse’s Earth’s Color Collection. We have a joke around Colorhouse about PETAL .05 and where to use it. When we designed the PETAL colors, we were thinking of bright wildflowers that dot the landscape sparingly. I imagined using PETAL .05 as an accent- like a blue door, a big ceramic pot, or a glass vase- but at LACMA, they were fearless and painted an entire gallery this brilliant, bright blue and it looked fantastic! Granted, it is a gallery, and you don’t have to live there, but it really shows how impactful color can be.

Other than the bold use of color, I was especially impressed with the curation of shows. The connections made with Catherine Opie’s photographs of surfers and high school football players next to Thomas Eakins paintings of men wrestling and rowing was such a compelling juxtaposition. The show was not only visually interesting, but left you wanting to know more about the artists and what they were thinking. This is just one example, but there are so many other reasons to visit this museum – I didn’t even mention the architecture and the spaces! That’s for another time – just GO!!! http://www.lacma.org/

Urban Light, 2008 by Chris Burden   www.lacma.org