Meet the newest members of the family- Ida, Lou and Minne. They are named after my and Ginnie’s hometowns, Idalou and Minneapolis. Idalou, my small hometown in Texas was named after the founder’s two daughters, Ida and Lou. It seemed appropriate for the sister’s names to show up again together on my little urban farm.

A couple of months ago, I posted on the blog that we were building this coop. We finally chose colors from our Earth’s Color Collection and painted it! We work with color EVERY DAY, and even though we have a paired down palette, we STILL had a hard time choosing which four colors to paint the darn thing – there are so many color combinations that work so well. And knowing us, we will re-paint it next spring, just to switch it up and keep it fresh.

The colors are:

CLAY .05

We found this fantastic decorative knob at Anthropologie which we thought was perfect for the special little egg door.

Ida is an Araucana, she has a beautiful golden head and looks like a small hawk. She will lay green and blue eggs, which should be any day now. Lou is the black and white with red accents on her comb, she’s a Barred Rock and is the most affectionate of the three. Minne is a Rhode Island Red and is the leader of the pack, she’s very friendly and her red feather’s are so gorgeous in the sun.

Our dog, Sadie, is totally obsessed with the girls – she thinks she’s doing a good job of herding them. They just stay in this tight circle in their coop while Sadie runs around and around. She stops to get a good look, and a good whiff, then goes back to what she does best, herd.

We hope the the girls like their new digs, we tried to make it nice for them. Thanks again to Ian Mayer of Lorax Construction for building such a cozy coop, and for not rolling his eyes when we asked him to add the flower box.

I’ll leave you with this short video, which best shows their personalities….

chicken video