As we transition from the intensity of winter, we welcome the gentleness of colors that whisper. Hushed hues create soft-spoken interiors that feel open and light.

Absent of color, the bright white of BISQUE .01 is our purest and cleanest color, the perfect backdrop for handmade ceramics, oil paintings, or brightly colored textiles.

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Considered a white, but with hints of blue and green, BISQUE .04 is a quiet color perfect for farmhouse bedrooms or vintage bathrooms.

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Take the chill out of modern design with the warmth of AIR .02. With a titch of ochre, this linen white complements light birch and handmade tile.

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METAL .03- a powdery grey- keeps this combination delicate and removes the sweetness associated with most pastel pairings.

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Slather the softness of BISQUE .06 in any space where you want to let out a deep breath and relax. A little bit blue, a little bit grey, a little bit green, this color looks easy, but is very complex.

hushed hues - bedroom blog

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