Ombre is a blending of colors to create a fading effect. When talking interior paints, it’s basically blending 2 or more colors on a wall. The ombre look starts with the lightest color at the top, which blends into the medium value color, which blends into the darkest hue at the bottom of the wall. It’s like horizontal stripes, but without the hard lines.

Ombre #7 logo

Ombre is best applied on a single accent wall. Colors that have less contrast blend more easily and create the best results.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Tape off area to ombre.

Ombre #1

2. With a level and pencil, draw a line where you want the colors to fade into each other. You will be creating wide, horizontal stripes. In this project, the Colorhouse colors used from lightest to darkest are: AIR .05, WATER .01, THRIVE .04, and DREAM .05.

3. Roll out colors, stopping 3” on each side of the level line, leaving 6” between the two colors.

Ombre #3 Ombre #3 too

4. To create the blended effect, dip 4” brush – half in one color and half in the 2nd color of the stripes you want to connect.

Ombre #4

5. Brush back and forth blending the two colors – brush quickly, as paint dries fast!

Ombre #5

6. Repeat for every 2 colors you want to blend.

Ombre #6 Ombre #6 too

7. Finishing touches! You may need to go back with a clean brush to touch up on either side of the blended area for any paint that got underneath the tape.

Works best in 5’ sections at a time.
Use similar colors overall for easiest blending
Use colors with low contrast next to each other
And most importantly….Have fun!

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