It’s well known that color can dramatically affect how you feel, so why not create a space that makes you feel happy? Happy can be defined as a feeling of pleasure and contentment, cheerful, joyful, vibrant, delighted. Here at YOLO Colorhouse we call the Pacific Northwest home, so our definition of happy includes the word ‘sunny’! On days when the clouds part to expose that long hidden, big yellow orb in the sky, we shake off the winter blahs and add splashes of fresh colors to our spaces. The result: lifted spirits and smiling faces! If you’re thinking it’s time to change your mood, these Happy Hues may be just the ticket.

happy hues - aspire04 blog

Here comes the Sun! Bring warmth and sunshine to your space with this Happy Hue. ASPIRE .04 is a bold yellow that glows like afternoon sun. Use in entry ways, kitchens, family rooms and other gathering spaces.

happy hues - petal03 blog

PETAL .03 is a hue that shows a lot of confidence. Use this contemporary twist on pink as a fun bedroom or bath color – or be bold and put it in your dining room for an element of surprise.

happy hues - dream05 blog

Fun and punchy – charismatic and contemporary. Use DREAM.05 as an accent in any space or flood the whole room with this vibrant hue to bring home a taste of the Caribbean.

happy hues - petal01 blog

Make no mistake, PETAL .01 is loud, fun and vibrant. Use sparingly unless you want to live loud. This hue says “Welcome to my happy home!”

happy hues - thrive02 blog

A cheerful hue, like the first buds of spring, THRIVE .02 brings a modern twist to traditional architecture. Use in bedrooms, living areas, or any room you want to add a playful splash of color.

happy hues - dream02 blog

DREAM .02 – Robin’s egg blue. Familiar and comfortable, it feels like home. This cool hue creates a relaxed atmosphere and is delightful when paired with crisp white accents.

happy hues - create04 blog

Red is a high energy hue associated with passion, power, confidence and action. CREATE .04 gets the party started. An extrovert’s favorite color, this happy hue is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, or to ignite a spark in your bedroom.

See more Happy Hues on Pinterest, or try a Happy Hue out in your home with our new 8 oz Colorspot paint sample! Having a color meltdown? We are here to help with FREE color help!