Let’s face it – those necessary chores like paying bills, doing laundry, and cleaning are not exactly at the top of the list of our favorite things to do, right? With Spring finally almost here, many of us would much rather be digging in our gardens than purging and organizing an over-stuffed closet. But, a clean, well-organized space can actually increase productivity, save time and money, and create a sense of balance. At YOLO Colorhouse, we believe that adding color to your less-than-favorite spaces can make those tiresome chores just a little more FUN! Check out our Fresh + Clean ideas for inspirational and functional spaces.

fresh and clean metal02 blog

METAL .02 is a hue inspired by the softness of sand. This warm neutral makes a perfect backdrop for a closet turned organized desk area to pay bills and catch up on email. Having a work space like this will help you get to your favorite spot on the beach a little faster.

fresh and clean metal05 blog

We love small spaces! This desk area tucked away in a corner is a perfect spot for homework, working on home finances, or spending some extra time on Pinterest. Like an erased chalkboard, METAL .06 is a slate gray that has just a touch of white. It adds depth and definition to this multi-functional work space.

fresh and clean wood02 blog

You’ll have no problem finding the ingredients for your next meal here. WOOD .02 adds spice to what would be otherwise be a mundane pantry. Glass jars filled with baking staples and white ceramic dishware pop against the rich, warm background.

fresh and clean glass05 blog

THRIVE .05 adds some unexpected vintage charm to this closet. A bright hue like this adds a visual surprise and lends a pleasing effect when the closet door is left open.

fresh and clean water01 blog

Laundry could actually be fun in a space like this. WOOL .01 is a slight, light blue is that evokes the airy feeling of a fresh breeze. This is fresh and clean personified.

Try a Fresh + Clean hue out in your home with our new 8 oz Colorspot paint sample! Having a color meltdown? We are here to help with FREE color help!