We have two dogs who share our colorful office space – Sadie and Goose.  They are the mascots of color, but it turns out, they only see some of the colors in the YOLO Colorhouse palette!



We were doing some research and came across a short article in Solar Week on dog’s color vision.  “Although it was once thought that dogs could only see in black and white, this is untrue. They do, however, have a restricted ability to see the whole visible spectrum. This is thought to be due to the fact that dogs were primarily nocturnal animals before they were domesticated and so color perception was not so necessary.”


Our office walls are painted in DREAM .05 and LEAF .04 – Sadie and Goose are able to enjoy this view of color.


The spectrum they see are the more tranquil hues – greens, blues and browns.  Maybe this is why Sades and Goose are so easy-going!

Sades and Janie enjoy another day at the office.