Wool yarn made by Spincycle Yarns

One thing that has made the stress of holiday shopping subside for me is the regeneration of the old bazaar, or in modern terms, art and craft shows.  With the explosion of the Do-It-Yourself revolution, comes a plethora of handmade and one of a kind gifts which are super well-made and totally unique.  What’s more is you’re supporting the local economy and independent businesses, not to mention the creativity and entrepreneurship of artists and crafters.  Almost every town across the country has some sort of show where the artists come together and sell their wares around the holidays- so check it out online, I’m sure there’s one in your area.

The grand poobah of arts and crafts shows in my town of Portland, Oregon is called Crafty Wonderland – and it’s truly an art + craft extravaganza!  Take a look at some of the creations that our talented, local craftspeople make available for us – and take the stress out of finding just the perfect gift.

Wood veneer back for iphone by Hatchet Goods

Ceramics and paintings by puji studio

Upcycled Coat made of plastic bags by Sara Bella

Letterpress and design by Jigsaw Graphics