I know that spring is officially here as of last week, but I have been wanting to post Sonja Hinrichsen’s snow works – so here is just a little bit more  winter…

White is so calming and contemplative for me, especially when it is a snowfield on a clear day in the mountains.  I love this work because it is so obvious (we have all made patterns or snow angels in the snow), but she takes it to a level that is so surprising and big – it really does make me happy.

The aerial view looks like white on white textile stitched with a whimsical pattern.  And then you realize what you are looking at.

10 snowshoers worked on this design under the artist’s direction in a meadow on Rabbit Ears Pass outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Now I am ready to move on to spring and talk about the colors that this time of year brings us!