Our latest project is building a coop for 3 chickens.

We chose a coop design that was more traditional to go with our 1888 “somewhat-” Victorian farmhouse. Ian Mayer of Lorax General Contracting here in Portland helped us build it.  Ian really got into building the coop and was able to find some great reclaimed material at the Rebuilding Center.   He found flooring for the main siding and traditional clapboard siding to add a little texture in the peak.

He even added a flower box under the perfect, little wood window that a friend donated to the project!  We’re planning to plant “hens and chicks,” along with some other succulents in the flower box.

And of course… the coop color is what we’ve been talking about!

The coop sits on the side of our house up close to the front, so it can be viewed from the street.  We want it to feel at home with the Canyon .05, Forest .04 and Desert .06 on the outside of our house, but we want it to be a little bit more whimsical and brighter than we would be with our whole house.  We are looking at colors from the Earth’s Color Collection and the Color of Hope.

It sits at the head of our 5 raised beds and we plan on planting a cutting garden right in front of the coop – so it is surrounded by lot’s of green in full season and hopefully lots of Petal colors dotting the landscape.

We are thinking about 3-4 colors – one for the peak, one for the lower siding, one for the foundation and an accent for the run door and the window trim.

It’s funny, we have no problem picking out colors for other people’s projects, but when it comes to our own projects we have a hard time making decisions.  We keep changing the palette!

We would love your input on color palettes for the coop!   I won’t tell you what we’ve been thinking yet.