Last week I was working on a project in our basement and came across our old portfolios from YOLO Paint – the painting business Janie and I had from 1995-2005.  Of course, I had to pull myself away from the project at hand to go down memory lane. (and now I am going to drag you along)

Here is Janie working in the studio on a mural on canvas that will be installed like wallpaper, in the second photo it is installed in the dining room- circa 2000

It reminded me of how we got to be selling paint today. (definitely not something I ever thought I would be doing)  Life certainly is a winding path and I do feel that YOLO Colorhouse is a combination of the skills and passion that both Janie and I share.

In our life as painters we got to work on lot’s of fun projects like this play structure!

Although we were both trained as fine artists, it was not until we were out in the real world putting color on people’s walls that I really began to understand color and how it worked.  I think artists have a comfort level with color, but color in architecture proves over and over again that it is a different beast.

Here I am painting a bamboo ceiling – this was a bit tedious.

The architectural scale and 4 walls reflecting on themselves, along with the changing light make painting color one of the most gratifying, and at the same time frustrating experiences for people.  We saw people petrified of color and this fear inspired us to make color in architecture easier for people.

Along with color, we had selfish reasons to seek out paints that were safer for us to use everyday.  And so it came to be – YOLO Colorhouse , 0 VOC paint in a select color palette with user-friendly color tools.  Simple right?

Here is a ceiling mural that we did on canvas in our studio and then was installed on site.

6 years later, I know it is NOT SIMPLE, but I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to work with people that are as passionate about the idea of YOLO Colorhouse as J and I were when we first came upon the thought of starting a paint company, and thankful for the adventure that this is, and the customers that support this venture.  We certainly had no idea that our murals on walls and custom color tinting would lead us down this path!