Welcome to COLOR YOUR LIFE – Guest Blogger week! We have invited 5 vibrant contributors to the YOLO Colorhouse blog to write about how color inspires the creative work they do and beautifies the world we live in. Today’s guest blogger: designer and blogger Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street.

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Caitlin Flemming is a designer and stylist living and working in San Francisco, California. She is also the founder of lifestyle and interior design blog Sacramento Street. Sacramento Street launched in May 2009, with the desire to create a space that inspired readers with daily posts on interiors, style, travel, photography and anything that comes her way. In her spare time, she is traveling the world and streets of San Francisco looking for the latest inspirational finds.

As a designer, it’s important for me to think about my actions and what effect they will have on the world around us. To begin with, I believe in the collected home, not a form of decoration where you buy everything new at once. By collecting over a lifetime, there is less of a “throwaway” philosophy to decorating. Don’t go with every trend that comes along. Rather develop an understanding of what you want. That being said, it’s also important for all of us to use environmentally safe products in our homes. This begins with using paint like YOLO Colorhouse and includes other items such as your soap and cleaning products. All of us taking small steps can make a tremendous difference in the environment around us.

While trends often tell you what color is the new “it” color, I tend to try and follow my instincts of what looks right for a room. Lately, I have been attracted more to a clean palette with white walls. So many of us have busy lives and sometimes going home to a serene and peaceful home can be the best tonic. This photograph is one of the latest projects I worked on and I chose to paint the entire space in white.

Photo: Henry Bourne, bedroom Rose Uniacke from NY Times

In keeping with a more neutral palette, sometimes using a darker neutral can warm up a room. In particular, I like the use of a gray in kitchen cabinets to ground the room.

Photo: HGTV

There are countless shades of white you can choose from. Steve Jobs had a special shade created for his computers when not being able to find the right white. It’s important to test a few samples before you paint a room. I once failed to do this and a room I thought would be a light gray ended up light blue.

You can actually create a wall with the look of elegant decay by using several tones within the same family of colors. In this example, you can see a bedroom wall with a great combination of neutral gray, tan, and white.

Photo: Mr. Perswall

– Caitlin Flemming

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