Life on the fast track – from technology to trains – we are moving forward. With the sun setting on our commute, we watch bright yellows deepen into sophisticated golden hues. Capture the warmth with GRAIN .06 and combine with gray hues STONE .07, STONE .04, IMAGINE .06 for an urban feel, whether or not you make your home amongst the skyscrapers.

STONE .07 adds sophistication to interior spaces. Hands down, it’s the coolest gray around. Use it anywhere you want to up the formality, like living and dining rooms.

STONE .04 lends a quiet, simple elegance to interiors. Layer this neutral tone with more vibrant hues, like yellows and punchy greens, for a colorful effect that won’t go over the top.

IMAGINE .06 – a bit warmer than the standard white, this color can play the part of serious, but has a more casual feel that makes you want to paint every room with it. Bring in grays and yellows in furniture and textiles to complete your Metro look.

GRAIN .06 makes a statement. A true yellow by nature, it sometimes flirts with being an orange. Use it to create a focal point in a room – around a fireplace, on a door, or heck – paint the whole room!

**Photos via Pinterest**