We love this time of year when the earth starts to come out of its chilly sleep. The greys, browns, and whites of winter’s neutral color palette are being replaced by bright budding greens, bold-colored blossoms, and brilliant blue skies.

Full Bloom Spring Trends 2013 no text blog Color in Full Bloom!

As the earth’s color palette changes, it is only natural that we start to crave more saturated, vibrant hues in our own spaces. Sometimes it can be challenging to incorporate bright color in interior spaces without it becoming overwhelming. Often times, a little bit of a saturated hue goes a long way, which is why the white of IMAGINE .04 is so important in our Spring 2013 palette. This warm white brings balance to this color group and becomes the perfect backdrop for the more intense hues of DREAM .05, PETAL .01 and PETAL .02.

Here are some examples of how to incorporate our Spring 2013 hues into interiors in a way that adds just the right dose of brightness. Be confident, be colorful, be yourself!

petal02 spring 2013 blog 2 Color in Full Bloom! petal01 spring 2013 blog Color in Full Bloom! dream05 spring 2013 blog Color in Full Bloom! petal02 spring 2013 blog Color in Full Bloom!

For more inspiration on using these colors in architecture, check our our Spring Color Trends 2013 board on Pinterest.