YOLO Colorhouse Co-Founders, Virginia Young (YO) and Janie Lowe (LO)

When we set out to create new colors, we think in terms of putting groups of colors together to tell a story. We started YOLO Colorhouse with The Earth’s Color Collection – 49 hues inspired by nature. Warm backdrops for living, these harmonious colors all connect through golden undertones, with color names that evoke the beauty of the earth, like CLAY, WATER, and GRAIN.

A few years later, we added The Color of Hope Collection. Different from the Earth’s Color Collection, these 36 colors are brighter and bolder hues. Pure whites and saturated hues make these contemporary colors perfect for accents walls and coloristic surprises. With names like IMAGINE, DREAM, and THRIVE, this palette was designed to energize the human spirit.

Our SPROUT Collection is a teeny tiny group of 7 colors designed for life’s newcomers. Fresh and playful, these colors are still soft enough for sleeping.

We have been back in the studio, working on our newest color collection. Inspired by our community and the culture that resides within, we see a conglomerate of crafters and makers. We may have a skewed view living in Portlandia, but there is a pretty big population of trendsetting creatives here that cannot be ignored. Our neighbors are raising their own chickens, making their own beer, pickling their garden vegetables, raising bees, knitting, sewing, building. There is a movement of rediscovery of artisans of the past and an appreciation of the quality of handcrafted items.

Our newest collection of 36 colors – The Handcrafter Color Collection – captures the spirit of makers’ and their craft. We have designed colors around the materials and products of handcrafters in color families like BEESWAX, WOOL, and METAL. This palette has subtle, gray undertones that have a modern feel while connecting us with the past. Yellows lean green, greens tilt blue, and steel-colored neutrals ground the palette.

See where we create our colors and weave their stories in our Color Shed studio in Portland, Oregon: