COLOR YOUR LIFE – Guest Blogger Week: Sibella Court

Welcome to COLOR YOUR LIFE – Guest Blogger week! We have invited 5 vibrant contributors to the YOLO Colorhouse blog to write about how color inspires the creative work they do and beautifies the world we live in. Today’s guest blogger: designer and author Sibella Court.

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Sibella Court – Author of Etcetera, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC, Nomad&Bowerbird, shopowner of The Society inc, interior stylist, product designer, globetrotter.

I like to look at life in colour, it is a strong memory trigger, and for those of us with poor ones, a gentle reminder is always welcome. To me, everything is about colour. It influences things I produce, places I go, seasons I gravitate toward and all other aspects of my life. Coming from a styling background, colour has always been the most important tool with which I work. It has led me to create The Society inc. paint range based on my 10-colour palette theory, as well as many commercial interior spaces, styled sets for magazines and other product ranges. This is tried & tested – I use it everyday!

Photo Credit: Chris Court

My 10-colour palette theory resulted from the fact that my world was based around a captivation with colour and the need to utilise it in all parts of my job. This palette gives me positive boundaries to work within as I style, create and design. You can use two, four, seven or all of the colours in a palette that you may have created yourself from things you love or been inspired to use from a space or shoot that already exists.

Photo Credit: Chris Court

Travelling is a huge inspiration. Colour can transport you to a space you once visited, always wanted to explore or like to dream about. I believe places reveal their identity through a colour palette. I look for colour combinations in the local architecture, crafts, textiles, buildings, nature, art, food, even transport (may that be a camel, train, tuktuk or rickshaw) anything really which you can refer to in your own travel photos or others. It might be complex or simple. But it tells a story, inspires memories, scents, scapes or emotions, acts as a foundation for design and opportunity for it to be translated into many parts of your life. In my line of work I am lucky enough to establish these globetrotting memories into my books and commercial bars. The pictures are from my third book, Nomad: Bringing Your Travels Home and the sets I created in the pictures were inspired by Mexico, the Amalfi Coast, India and Japan.

Photo Credit: Chris Court

Once I based a photoshoot entirely around the colours of a monarch butterfly: Damascus red, mustard and ochre oranges, and dirty cream. This came about after I discovered that Monarch butterflies migrate in their thousands to Big Sur in California every year. What a sight! It is on the top of my list and one day I will go there to see it for the first time, even though I have already translated into other parts of my life. I encourage all people to play with colour, to use it and change it and let it inspire them like it inspires me.

Photo Credit: Chris Court

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