The Color of Cool – Beam & Anchor

Tucked under the Fremont Bridge in industrial North Portland is a pretty cool place. Founded on a passion for great design and the desire to support local makers, Beam & Anchor transformed a once-neglected 7,000 sq ft building into an inviting retail space with workshops above including studios for upholstery, soap-making, and all things leather.

I had heard about Beam & Anchor for a while, but just recently found my way down N Interstate Ave to check it out. As soon as I stepped inside I asked myself “Why did it take me so long to get here!?”. From handcrafted ceramics by local potters to repurposed chairs with Pendleton fabric, I was in design heaven. Here is a tiny snapshot of the visual nirvana waiting for you at Beam & Anchor.

Explore more of the work shown above:
Pendelton Fabric
Hickory Mertsching
Portland Growler Company
re-Beam planters
Stone & Honey
Suzanne Sullivan

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