Color Trends 2013 – Rustic Modern

In the present with ties to the past. Worn materials bring a story to our crisp, contemporary living spaces. The warm whites of AIR .01 and AIR .03 complement but don’t compete with reclaimed barn wood walls, a farmhouse kitchen sink, or repurposed ceramic tiles. Bring subdued color to this natural palette with the richness of NOURISH .05 and coolness of WATER .02.

AIR .01 is a solid, warm white. Versatile and good-natured, AIR .01 is a go-to ceiling and trim hue, but has no problem taking center stage on walls, especially when paired with lived-in materials like reclaimed wood.

AIR .03 feels like white, but has more depth than the standard untinted white. When using natural materials like stone and wood, sometimes a hue with more substance is needed to create harmony and flow in an interior.

WATER .02 is a neutral and livable blue. Soothing and calm, this “cool” color adds visual relief when put next to warm reds and oranges in exposed wood. Perfect for kitchens and baths, this color puts you at ease.

NOURISH .05 is an earthy but elegant hue. Use it to create subdued drama with a natural feel. A nice break from white in a Rustic Modern home, try this color in a bedroom or den where you just want to relax.

**Photos via Pinterest**

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