Color Trends 2013 – Scout Palette

Make home your base camp with our 2013 Scout palette. We heart camping. There’s nothing like sleeping out under the stars, breathing in the fresh mountain air and being one with nature. Create “the look” of a campsite in your home with plaid wool blankets, hand-softened leather, and metal lanterns combined with the colors of CLAY .05, STONE .02, LEAF .05, and WATER .06.

CLAY .05 is the perfect, classic red – reminiscent of camping lanterns and enamel dinnerware. Layer CLAY .05 with complimentary plaid patterns to create your cabin in the woods.

LEAF .05 – nothing says the Great Outdoors like the color khaki. As comfortable as a worn-in army cot, LEAF .05 it the perfect backdrop hue against your wood stove.

STONE .02 is the grounding neutral in the Scout Palette. Not to mention our quintessential “easy-to-live” with hue. Use this color in accents like Pendelton throws or native-inspired rugs to complete your “Scout” look.

WATER .06 is as refreshing as a dip in a mountain lake. Use this blue to add a cool sophistication to rustic space. Harmonizes beautifully with natural wood.

**Photos via Pinterest**

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