Color Trends: Farmer’s Market Palette

During this summer season when our gardens and local farmer’s markets are jam-packed with ripe fruits and veggies, kitchens become the focal point of our homes where we joyfully prepare fresh food for family and friends.

The YOLO Colorhouse Farmer’s Market Color Trend palette honors the farmers, the soil and the bounty of what is on our tables. STONE .06 is the warm soil, while CLAY .05 is reminiscent of the reds of apples, tomatoes and summer berries. LEAF .02 is the neutral green that is ever-present in the harvest and AIR .03 is the balance of light in this comforting palette.

As shown in the 4 colorways below, this harmonious combination can be used many ways to create a modern farmhouse kitchen. With our Farmer’s Market Big Chip 4-pack, you can try out these hues out in your own kitchen!

Go for a pop of color and put CLAY .05 on cabinetry! LEAF .02 and AIR . 03 on the walls and ceilings contain this coloristic surprise and prevent it from being overwhelming.

With the rich red hue CLAY .05 on the walls, this kitchen becomes a warm gathering space for summer meals.

Frame tile and appliances with a darker hue like STONE .06 on cabinetry.

For a neutral, sophisticated look, stick with the softness of AIR .03 and LEAF .02 for large surfaces like cabinets and ceilings. Create depth with STONE .06 on the walls.

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